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By Rachel Loopstra

One of the major developments for research and policy on UK household food insecurity in the past months has been the news that household food insecurity will be measured on the Family Resources Survey going forward. And no time has been wasted: with new data being collected from April 2019 forward, food insecurity measurement is already underway.

As the body of research on household food insecurity in the UK grows, we’ve identified a need for a resource that provides up-to-date facts and figures on this critical issue. As interventions are being designed and policy asks are being formulated, it is critical that research informs this work.

This is a blog post by Courtney Scott of the Food Foundation - reproduced here with permission.

TODAY in parliament, Emma Lewell-Buck MP will be giving a first reading of the Ten Minute Rule Bill on the measurement of household food insecurity.  The Bill is asking the government to regularly measure levels of food insecurity in the UK, something that, until now, has been done infrequently and without leading to action.