Hello, we’re glad you’re here! For our first post, we thought we’d explain our vision for the website and network and how you can be involved.

What’s this all about?

As the body of research on household food insecurity in the UK grows, we’ve identified a need for a resource that provides up-to-date facts and figures on this critical issue. As interventions are being designed and policy asks are being formulated, it is critical that research informs this work. Equally, it is critical that researchers learn and are informed by people engaged in household food insecurity policy and practice.

Funded by an ESRC fellowship exploring recent trends in food insecurity and food bank use in the UK (held by Dr Rachel Loopstra) and an ESRC Impact Award (held by Dr Hannah Lambie-Mumford), and supported by two of our partners, The Food Foundation and Sustain, the aims of ENUF are:

  • To be a resource on household food insecurity in the UK for researchers, practitioners, civil society organisations, and policymakers, that highlights and transmits research and advocacy activities from across the research and civil society community.
  • To foster connection, collaboration, and knowledge exchange between researchers and civil society organisations working on household food insecurity.

What will the website include?

Though still a work in progress, the website will be populated with:

  • A regular blog highlighting recent research publications in the UK and commentary on recent policy developments that relate to household food insecurity and food price inflation. A key feature of these blogs will be to provide an analysis the implications for the problem of household food insecurity in the UK, and for research, policy, and practice.
  • An analysis of the latest data available on household food insecurity in the UK as they come available from different data sources.
  • Information on key issues related to research on food insecurity, such as measurement, health consequences, social consequences, and food bank use. We’ll also direct visitors to key websites and resources available from other websites.
  • An events page, keeping visitors informed of events related to household food insecurity happening around the UK.
  • As part of the events page, we have provided details on the first national conference on UK household food insecurity.
  • A membership page where visitors can browse profiles/interests of a network of members and become members themselves.

How can you be involved?

If you’re engaged in research related to household food insecurity …

  • Join the network. Include your research interests and highlight your latest pieces of work.
  • Attend our research conference. Our conference in April 2018 aims to feature the latest research projects being conducted in the UK.
  • Let us know about your recent publications and working papers. We’re developing an annotated list of UK-related publications on the Resources page. We may also feature your work in a blog post. You can be in touch at connect@enuf.org.uk

If you’re engaged in policy or advocacy work or engaged in frontline anti-hunger action on household food insecurity…

  • Join the network. Tell us how you use research to inform your work and what are key research questions your organisation wants answers to.
  • Let us know if you would like us to highlight research on a particular topic. We’re looking for ideas for blog posts and reviewing research that is a key area of interest for you is something we are keen to do. Contact us at connect@enuf.org.uk
  • Attend our conference in April 2018. We hope to provide a rich programme of the latest research being conducted across the UK.

However you’re engaged with household food insecurity in the UK…

  • Follow us on Twitter. @ENUFood. We plan to use Twitter as our main place for open discussion and to highlight new web content.
  • Let us know if you’re hosting an event that would be of interest to the network. We’ll post it in our calendar. Send the details on to connect@enuf.org.uk

What does ENUF stand for?

This website is primarily concerned with the need for everyone in the UK to always have access to enough food to meet their dietary, nutritional, and social needs. ENUF is (loosely) an acronym for Evidence and Network on UK Household Food Insecurity.

Any questions?

Please be in touch with us!

We hope this endeavour will be useful and look forward to seeing how it evolves with you!

Rachel Loopstra
Hannah Lambie-Mumford