Network members

If you would like to identify ENUF network members by name, by research interest and/or discipline please search below:

Claudia Bluemling
University of Reading
Zak Bond
The WI

I lead the WI's work on food poverty.

Amy Bond
University of Central Lancashire

In 2017/18 I have been undertaking research into the work of food banks and community cooking projects, looking at the social impact of these initiatives in the Preston and East Lancashire region.

Alicja Boryn
London School of Economics and Political Science

I am currently conducting a research project on the impacts of Covid-19 on charitable distribution systems in the UK, with the aims to: 

Nottingham Trent University

I am a social psychologist interested in issues of social and collective behaviour and how these interact with experiences of marginalisation and vulnerability.  Recent projects have included data

Kerry Brennan-Tovey
University of Sunderland

Currently researching the experiences of foodbank users, and individuals who are not using foodbanks but other forms of food aid avaliable to them.

Alison Briggs
University of Manchester

I am currently researching food insecurity through the relational spaces of family, friendships and other social relations given the significance of family and wider kin networks in providing care

Jane Brough
Northumbria University Newcastle
Northumbria University Newcastle

My current research project (Year 1) in on the motivation of food bank volunteers. I am looking at the differences between 'frontline' and trustee volunteers, the influence of faith and beliefs and

Robin Burgess
Northampton Hope Centre and Hope Enterprises; also trustee of IFAN

I am the manager of large local poverty charity as well as a blogger, writer, campaigner and board member of the Independent Food Aid Network. 

Joe Came
Pat Caplan
Goldsmiths College London

My areas of interest include: food insecurity in the UK wth particular reference to Pembrokeshire and Barnet; food aid organisations and voluntarism; the role of surplus and 'waste' food in providi

Sophie Carr
Bays Consulting