Network members

If you would like to identify ENUF network members by name, by research interest and/or discipline please search below:

Peter Taylor-Gooby
University of Kent; Canterbury Food Bank

Data scraping of crowd-funding websites to track food bank appeals May - Sept 2020

Claire Thompson
University of Hertfordshire

My PhD research (2008-2012) 'Experiences of the food environment and the role of the 'routine' in producing food practices: an ethnography of Sandwell residents' examined household meal practices a

Andrew Williams
Cardiff University

My research combines social theory with ethnographic and participatory approaches to examine the moral, theological and political logics at work among UK food banks.

Wendy Wills
University of Hertfordshire

 I work at the interface of social science and public health particularly in relation to food and eating practices, food safety, malnutrition and weight/obesity and health/inequalities.

Andrew Wilson
FareShare East Midlands - Chair of Trustees

My interest is in the role of the third sector in the amelioration of food insecurity and how to challenge the current established order set by government and large sections of the press.

Betina Wolf-Andersen
Anglia Ruskin University

My work involves an thnographic pilot study of holiday clubs in Chelmsford, Essex (operated by Trussell Trust and community organisations) in order to explore the issue of food insecurity in the lo

Jaimee Wylam
Leeds NHS Trust