Network members

Sabine Goodwin
Independent Food Aid Network

I am the coordinator of the Independent Food Aid Network. IFAN is a developing network of independent food aid providers including non-Trussell Trust food banks.

Emmanuelle Graciet
University College London

Using a qualitative case study approach, my research explores the role of social supermarkets in the delivery of welfare services, food poverty alleviation and food waste management in the UK.

Lindsay Graham

I work across different sectors on child food insecurity policy in the UK in relation to free school meals, breakfast clubs and holiday provision.

Pamela Graham
Northumbria University

I am interested in family food habits and the various factors that can influence what people eat.

Maddie Guerlain
Sustain: The Alliance for Better Food and Farming.

Food Power works with local communities to strengthen their ability to reduce food poverty and develop responses with the support of their peers from other communities.

Kalyani Gupta
Cambridge Food Poverty Alliance

I represent the Cambridge Food Poverty Alliance which is consulting with organisations and service providers to get a snapshot of food poverty in the city.

Kate Haddow
Teeside University
Mia Hadfield-Spoor
The Trussell trust

I work in Research, Policy and Public Affairs with the Trussell Trust. 

Nadeen Haidar

I am a dietitian that supports homeless young people around food insecurity, food literacy and nutritional vulnerabilities. 

Tania Han
Charlotte Hardman
University of Liverpool

My research examines the impact of food insecurity on psychogoical wellbeing.

Clare Holley
Loughborough University
Loughborough University

I am a psychologist specialising in children's eating behaviour, with a focus on how we can promote healthy eating behaviour as well as reducing unhealthy behaviours.