Network members

Emmanuelle Graciet
University College London
Using a qualitative case study approach, my research explores the role of social supermarkets in the delivery of welfare services, food poverty alleviation and food waste management in the UK.
Lindsay Graham
Pamela Graham
Northumbria University
I am interested in family food habits and the various factors that can influence what people eat. Much of my research to date has focussed on school and community food interventions such as breakfast clubs and holidays clubs and what difference...
Maddie Guerlain
Sustain: The Alliance for Better Food and Farming.
Kalyani Gupta
Cambridge Food Poverty Alliance
Kate Haddow
Teeside University
Mia Hadfield-Spoor
The Trussell trust
Nadeen Haidar
Currently working with a Masters student from Kings University to conduct in depth interviews about food insecurity experienced by young homeless people living in supported accomodation.
Tania Han
Charlotte Hardman
University of Liverpool
My research examines the impact of food insecurity on psychogoical wellbeing. In previous work, I have shown that the relationship between lower socio-economic status and body weight may be partly explained by psychological distress and...
Clare Holley
Loughborough University
Nadja Horvat-Marcovic
University of Warwick