Network members

If you would like to identify ENUF network members by name, by research interest and/or discipline please search below:

Patricia Lucas
University of Bristol
Kathryn Machray
Univeristy of Glasgow
MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit, University of Glasgow

Currently I'm conducting research on food insecurity among single men in Scotland, using photo elicitation to explore their experiences.

Emily Mann
Northumbria University
Maria Mansfield
University of Leeds

My research explores young people's lived experiences of holiday hunger and summer holiday feeding provision.

Daniel Mason
University of Amsterdam

I am doing a Masters in International Development at the University of Amsterdam.

Natasha McClelland
Ulster Universtiy

My research aims to map and identify at-risk areas that would benefit from a food poverty/food access intervention.  It uses an innovative methodology of combining food poverty indicators with Geog

Jacqueline McDowell
NHS Health Scotland
Morven McEachern
University of Huddersfield

My research involves looking at the practices of social supermarkets and alternative food enterprises across the UK.

Dureshahwar Mirza

Currently writing a master's dissertation on food banks and the Covid19 crisis. 

Gordon Morris
University of Exeter's Centre for Rural Policy Research

My main area of interest is in the roles of England's small ("market") towns.  My PhD research exploired the relationship between a government programme, The market Towns Initiative, and rural pove

Jill Muirie
NHS Board
Thu Nguyen
University of Aberdeen

Household food insecurity (HFI) has recently become a public health concern in Scotland and in the rest of the UK.