Network members

If you would like to identify ENUF network members by name, by research interest and/or discipline please search below:

Georgiana Nica-Avram
University of Nottingham
sharon noonan-gunning
Food Inequalities Rebellion
Chantelle Norton
Food in Community

Food in Community was set up to help tackle food waste and food poverty in and around Totnes, Devon.

Nicola Nzuza
Royal Borough of Greenwich

I lead on development and implementation of the Greenwich Food Poverty Needs Assessment.

Jennie Parnham
Imperial College London

I am evaluating UK policies which address inequalities in nutrition in low-income children, these include Healthy Start Vouchers and Free School Meals. 

valentina pesarin
Centre for Food Policy

I am looking at the role that the London Food Alliance and the hospitality sector have played in the London food aid provision during Covid. 

Clare Pettinger
University of Plymouth

The Food as a Lifestyle Motivator (FLM) Project is a pilot project that has run over the past year to explore the use of creative methods (e.g.

Christina Pollard

Government food affordability, food stress and food security monitoring.  Lived experience of recieving charitable food, attending financial counselling.  Literature review for govenment policy dev

Maddy Power
University of York

My research focuses on ethnic differences in the prevalence and lived experience of food insecurity.

Edwina Prayogo
Kartik Raj
Human Rights Watch

I work as Human Rights Watch's Researcher on Western Europe within the Europe and Central Asia Division, with a focus on counterterrorism, extremism and populism.

Christian Reynolds
University of Sheffield