Supporters and funders


The Food Foundation

The Food Foundation is an independent think tank that tackles the growing challenges facing the UK’s food system through the interests of the UK public.  We provide clear analysis of the problems caused by the food system and the role of policy and practice in addressing these.  We develop and articulate food policies that support and guide the UK public to make choices that improve their health and well-being and we inform and generate demand for new and better public and private sector policy and practice.

Sustain: the alliance for better food and farming

Sustain works with communities, third-sector organisations, local authorities and government, aiming to make sure everyone can eat well. Sustain is a lead partner for the Food Power programme which aims to strengthen local communities’ ability to address the root causes of food poverty through solutions developed by them with the support of their peers from other communities across the UK. Sustain’s London Food Poverty Campaign encourages London boroughs to address food poverty ‘beyond the food bank’ and produces the Beyond the Food Bank report annually. The Right to Food project is a collaboration between Sustain, Just Fair, Nourish and the Institute of Health and Society of the University of Newcastle. The project will be to bring together food, poverty, health and legal organisations, as well as representatives of the authorities and agencies that would need to take action, to design the basis of a new right to food. Sustain is also a lead partner for the Sustainable Food Cities Programme.


Economic and Social Research Council

The creation of this website was funded by an ESRC Research Grant held by Rachel Loopstra, and ESRC Celebrating Impact Prize held by Hannah Lambie-Mumford