The team

Dr Rachel Loopstra, Co-leader

Rachel is a quantitative researcher, specializing in nutrition, social policy and social determinants of health. She is particularly interested in research that explores how social protection and welfare reform impact food bank use, food insecurity, and dietary inequalities. She is based in the Department of Nutritional Sciences at King’s College London.

Dr Hannah Lambie-Mumford, Co-leader

Hannah is a qualitative researcher, specializing in social and public policy. Hannah’s current work explores the rise of emergency food provision in the UK and across Europe and its relationship to the political economy of welfare. She is based at the Department of Politics and International Relations at the University of Sheffield.


Katy Gordon, Knowledge Exchange Coordinator

Katy joined the ENUF team in 2019 to support the research and knowledge exchange work. She has experience both working and researching in the community food sector, most recently undertaking a PhD to explore community based responses to food insecurity. Prior to these studies Katy completed a MSc in Public Health Nutrition and worked as a Community Food Worker in her local area.


Sabine Goodwin, Conference Coordinator

Sabine has been working with Rachel Loopstra since early 2018 on the development of ENUF, the 2018 conference and on a large-scale study of independent food banks operating in England. In 2020, her ENUF work will focus on coordinating our next conference. Sabine is the coordinator of the Independent Food Aid Network. She has led research to identify independent food banks across the UK and to collate independent emergency food parcel distribution data across Scotland.